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About Up Vibe



Up Vibe brings to the United States high quality workout apparel that has already been successful for years in Brazil and Europe. The secret to great workout clothing is the Brazilian design, with bright colors and the material called SUPLEX/LYCRA® that gives you freedom of movement while you are looking great. Up Vibe redefines the concept of women´s workout wear. Its style meets strength attitude that has a loyal customer base of women around the world.Our mission is to bring fashion that you can move in, feeling comfortable and great at the same time ...and you thought that was impossible ,huh?That's why Up Vibe is here for you!

Up Vibe was founded by Priscilla Branco, wife, mom, fitness enthusiastic, entreperneur and fashion trendester.

After arriving to the U.S. for vacation from Brazil in 2000, Priscilla didn’t have plans to stay until she fell in love with the country.Travelling was (and still is) a big part of her life. Hawaii, Florida, California and Las Vegas were called home for a year or so, but she eventually settled in San Diego because the environment reminded her so much of her native roots. Despite not knowing any English when she arrived, Priscilla had the all the makings of a successful micro entrepreneur including savvy business sense, experience, and determination.

As Priscilla learned the language and culture of San Diego, she began to notice an opportunity to market her clothing line, especially after she received countless compliments from friends and strangers alike about her Brazilian threads. “People love the clothes and the colors give such personality to your outfit, rather than the traditional blue, gray, and black of American gym-wear,” says Priscilla.“Rio is tropical and always hot. The Brazilian people are active and like to have fun so it makes sense for workout clothes to be practical as well as fashionable. A versatile, colorful top that people can wear to the gym or out at night is the new trend,” says native Brazilian and owner of Up Vibe. The tropical climate and temperature of Rio was the inspiration behind the clothing line and why Priscilla fell in love with her products. With a little savings and lots of determination she got Up Vibe up and running, literally. Due to her business booming through trade shows and online sales, Up Vibe just opened their first store in South Florida, and is now selling worldwide to women that not only want to look good but feel comfortable at the same time.

Up Vibe brings you the best in workout wear. Looking great is a BIG part of feeling great! At Up Vibe, Your Style Meets Your Strength.