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About Balance Fitwear


A woman in BALANCE is...

Sexy, smart, athletic,
feminine, individual, fun,
healthy, daughter, powerful, strong,
sensual, hard-working, sensitive,
beautiful, imperfect, steadfast,
impulsive, sister, outrageous,
outspoken, confident, kind,
gentle, understanding, giving,
fearless, positive, persuasive,
determined, committed, uncompromising,
generous, soulful, curvy, unique,
mother, aware, inspirational, motivated, quirky,
clever, fit, active, flourishing, full of
life, unflappable, composed, relaxed,
gutsy, charming, shapely, patient, lovely,
centered, joyful, limitless

Company Intent

BALANCE FITWEAR celebrates the unique essence and power of all that is feminine.

So many times, our lives get thrown out of balance when we start thinking about the “should” be’s… How many times have you said to yourself: “I should be in better shape” “I should have thinner thighs and flatter abs” “I should be sexier” “I should be a better Mommy” “I should be doing more, more, more!” So many times we set standards of Perfection. But guess what? There is no such thing as perfection. That’s why, we at BALANCE FITWEAR have decided to throw the “should be’s” out the window! We encourage all women to embrace your own unique individual – AS IS.

BALANCE FITWEAR is designed so that no matter what you are doing – dancing, practicing yoga, working out, running errands, or running to your favorite tunes– you can still look and feel great. BALANCE FITWEAR is designed with the highest quality material, the best custom fit, and the most comfortable style so that all women – anywhere and everywhere – feel poised and ready to face the world – no matter what it has in store! Being a woman is a wonderful blessing and gift. We should be celebrated – as imperfectly as possible! By embracing all that is good and wonderful about being a woman, you can truly live your life in BALANCE.

The History

Anna Arias, the founder of BALANCE FITWEAR is a Brazilian-born, former-New Yorker, now Los Angeles-living clothing designer…. The inspiration for creating a fashionable line of athletic clothing came to her one day after a tough workout. “I’ve always had a passion for fitness so I’ve consistently worked out throughout the years. I wanted to bring out the sensuality and feminine qualities inspired by my experience growing up in Brazil. But, I never liked the loose, baggy, boxy clothes that the big athletic companies provided for women. They didn’t even soak up the sweat very well!” And, thus, sparked an idea that would change the world of fitness fashion forever. In the year 2000 I noticed a lack of fashion forward fitness apparel in the industry. From this was born Anna’s inaugural line Body Language Sportswear and she has never looked back.

Today, Anna launches BALANCE FITWEAR as a brand-new creation to further her vision for women’s-wear in fitness. “I wanted to launch a brand-new line because I wanted to create a line solely for the purpose of helping create harmony between the many aspects of being a woman. As women, we are usually running around doing 10 million different things at once. So, a lot of times, we are going to the grocery store in our gym clothes – or picking the kids up at school – or even catch a flight to your favorite get away! I wanted to create a line that allows women to do those 10 million things at once – or at least try to – and feel comfortable, grounded, and feminine at the same time”. “BALANCE FITWEAR” embraces everything about a woman and showcases it with a stylish, well-fitting panache. Not only does my product whick away the sweat while working out – it fits fabulously, supports strongly and does so with unique style, and flair.

With Anna creating and overseeing every style, stitch and accent, BALANCE FITWEAR is that unique combination of quality, comfort and athletically supportive fashion. “BALANCE FITWEAR truly is my fashion vision come true!”

Fit, Form, Function, Forever

BALANCE FITWEAR is designed by Anna. Brazilians pay attention to their bodies. They want to show off their abs, hips, thighs, and butts! That is why the FIT is so fabulous, feminine, and well-done. BALANCE FITWEAR is designed to fit a woman’s body in a desirable way while highlighting one’s assets. The FORM of the clothing is incomparable to anything else in the market. BALANCE FITWEAR can be worn during the most intense aerobics class – or during the most serene yoga practice. The clothing is flattering yet FUNCTIONAL.

BALANCE FITWEAR lasts FOREVER! No joke! The material is so well- made, that 2 years, 5 years down the road, you’ll still look like you are wearing a brand new top or bottom.


  • BALANCE FITWEAR is created using a unique blend of fabric – a calculated combination of Supplex ®, Lycra ®, and nylon.
  • Because of the unique equation of material, the fabric of BALANCE FITWEAR is able to wick away sweat and moisture from the skin and disperse it throughout the outer layers without soaking the cloth.
  • The fabric stretches up to 40% of original size, so the fit conforms to your body giving maximum coverage and lift while holding its shape.
  • Fabric blend dries faster than cotton, requires little to no-ironing, is easy-to-care for (wash and wear!), fully breathable, and retains color fabulously.

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